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The story begins as one might expect a story to begin. Young Kip, sitting alone at the table, cup of coffee in hand, and deep in bewildering thought. His good buddy Connor, upon seeing him, notices his furrowed brow. Thus begins Kip's recounting of his terrible nightmare from the night before: a vivid horned, hooved evil doll in his bed. Connor is slightly amused by the dream, but needs to make breakfast, so he leaves Kip alone to work out the meaning. Later in the day Connor comes upon the very same doll in the living room and quickly calls Kip in for a look! Kip enters, immediately frightened as well as hoping this is just a joke by his friend. The commotion brings in two other house mates, Cage and Jared. They stand around the hellish looking doll, wondering what all of this is about. Suddenly, however, they all begin to experience a tingling! And that tingling, simultaneously felt by each, is in their crotches! The spell of the evil doll Buddy has now been put in motion, and the four house mates descend into a carnal, venereal orgy - a bacchanal of gay sex and desire! Suddenly they are all kissing, crotch grabbing, and sucking. At first Jared goes down on Cage and Connor goes down on Kip. After minutes of oral satisfaction, the mates have forgotten all about the doll, and they soon wrap themselves into a pile of sucking and ass licking on the couch. Kip eats out Connor, while they are both being serviced by the others. "Now that you have my asshole wet, why don't you fuck me?" says Connor to Kip. Meanwhile, Jared sticks his bare dick in Cage's tight hole. The fucking begins in earnest! Connor ends up riding Kip's dick like the headless horseman galloping in the woods, with wild frenetic abandon. His big bubble butt bounces up and down as Kip's bare cock thrusts in and out. Meanwhile Jared hits Cage from beneath, slam fucking his tight little hole. Connor is loving getting pounded, but he also wants to get inside Kip's ass. Connor bends Kip over doggie style and shoves his dick into Kip deep and hard. Cage is getting fucked doggie by this point, too, and Cage and Kip make out while they get bitch-fucked. Connor looks like he knows how to bugger an ass - he has a rapid, steady pace that drives Kip wild! Jared takes a cue from Connor, and soon Cage is getting rammed balls deep as well. Jared soon tells Connor to get up onto the couch with his hot ass up in the air. Kip loves the raw feeling of Connor's hole, so he goes back for more. He fucks Connor deep and fast until he pulls out and blows a huge load all over his hole. Then, in turn, Jared goes in for a quick several strokes until he cums as well. His asshole covered in two loads of cum, Connor is ready to blow as well. He stands up and nuts all over Cage, giving him a very pearly necklace to match his rosary tattoo, and then Kip sucks cage off until he nuts in Kip's mouth. After everyone has cum, they settle down and begin to realize what has just happened. Their thoughts go back to the doll, Buddy. Instead of fear, the guys have a new appreciation for the dark arts of the doll. After such a hot orgy, the guys decide that instead of being afraid of it, they just might keep it. Buddy, now on all fours, has an ominous look in his eyes - what does he have in store next for this house full of young jocks?

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