Sebastian Young Drills Johnny Forza Bareback

Sebastian Young Drills Johnny Forza Bareback, Exclusive at

Johnny and Sebastian are checking out an old car - both are into fixer-uppers, and they know alot about engines. In true straight bro style, however, all this talk about what's under the hood leads to them checking out each others' motors! They walk inside to the bedroom, where Sebastian immediately grabs Johnny's waist, bending in for a kiss. It looks like Sebastian is used to making this same move on chicks, but it works just as well with Johnny Forza! Johnny's cock is rock hard in a millisecond! Now stripped down, Johnny lies on the bed, and Sebastian kneels down. Sebastian licks up Johnny's erect dick, and kisses around his torso before going back to the cock for a nice blowjob. Johnny returns the favor. As he sucks off Sebastian, he is definitely also wondering how good Sebastian's cock is going to feel inside him. It doesn't take long for Johnny to find out! Sebastian is soon lying back on the bed, and Johnny eases down on Sebastian's raw dick. Sebastian is a thick guy, but Johnny knows how to get himself warmed up for a good fucking. Johnny is in no time riding fast, his rock hard cock flopping in the wind. Sebastian isn't one to be out of control for long, and he takes full advantage of Johnny getting up, bending over, and offering his hole doggie style. Sebastian barebacks the fuck out of Johnny, and Johnny is enjoying every inch of it. He moans, and keeps looking back at his dominant top. Finally, Johnny gets into missionary position, where Sebastian just keeps drilling him deep and furiously. Johnny whacks off while Sebastian uses his fuck-hole, and before long Sebastian can't hold it any longer. Sebastian hikes up Johnny's leg and cums right onto Johnny's pink asshole. Johnny cums right afterward. The deal sealed, Sebastian gives Johnny the car keys.

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