Milo Fisher & Connor Chesney

Milo Fisher & Connor Chesney, Exclusive at

Connor Chesney walk into Milo Fisher's bedroom buck naked and sporting a raging boner. Waking Milo up, Conner insists on some morning head. After a bit of protesting, Milo gives in, and soon Milo's sexy lips are wrapped around Connor's dick. Connor holds his hand tight on the back of Milo's head as he alternates between letting Milo suck him and face fucking him deeply. Connor does end up fulfilling his end of the bargain, lying down in between Milo's legs and going down on him as well. As Connor enjoys Milo's cock in his mouth, he jerks his own rock hard pole. Sufficiently horned up, the two studs decide to take it up a notch. Milo rolls over onto his stomach, and Connor shoves his raw dick right into Milo's perfect ass. Straddling him like he might straddle a colt, Connor pounds the living daylights out of Milo. Milo, meanwhile, is moaning in pleasure. He likes nothing better than a rock hard cock stretching out his tight pink hole. Knowing what Milo really wants, Connor hikes himself up a little higher, leans forward for better leverage, and begins slam-fucking Milo. At this point Milo is screaming out load as Connor plunges balls deep over and over again. Connor then flips Milo over and throws one of his legs over his shoulder, continuing the fuck-fest missionary style. This gives Milo the opportunity to jerk off and really enjoy the prostrate massage! Connor grabs Milo by both ankles and makes a final spirited race to the finish, then he pulls out and dumps a massive load of thick creamy cum all over Milo's beat-up asshole. With the warm cum still dripping from his hole, Milo shoots out his own wad all over himself. Very hot fuck!

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