Mickey Mackenzie Gets Kinky

Mickey Mackenzie Gets Kinky, Exclusive at DallasReeves.com

Mickey Mackenzie has a small frame with a beautiful tone and athletic muscles. In this show, Mickey shows off his awesome body, but more importantly, he lets us see how kinky he can be - even by himself! As he walks outside to the pool bar, he grabs some lube and toys off of the counter and strips down to his jock. Within no time at all, Mickey is on the counter spread-eagle, shoving a glass dildo up his ass. As he plunges it inside himself, he grabs his crotch, rubbing his balls and cock. As he moves to a thicker dildo, he pops out his erection and sucks on the toy, wetting it with his spit. Still standing, he turns around and slides it inside. Then Mickey places it on the counter and rides it! As he moves up and down on the dildo he lets out moans and screams of pleasure. A closeup reveals his tight ass being spread wide by the thing. Moving to a more adventurous position, he continues impaling himself - as he does, he begins stroking his dick faster. This guy sure does like a thick one up the ass! Finally he grabs it again so that he can shove it into his hole more rapidly. After some rough dildo-fucking, he lunges it deep inside, and from that point he can barely contain himself. Mickey shoots a thick wad of cum. Swiping up most of it, he brings it to his mouth and eats it. Sexy, kinky solo!

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