Kip Johnson Fucks Yuri Stasio Raw

Kip Johnson Fucks Yuri Stasio Raw, Exclusive at

Kip Johnson is relaxing on the deck when Yuri Stasio walks out in his tight swimwear. Yuri sits beside the reclining Kip, and these two jocks begin making out. Deciding it's time for more privacy, they head upstairs to their room. Once inside, the studs continue to kiss and grab at each other. It doesn't take long before the swimsuits are on the ground and the hard cocks are exposed! As Kip hops up onto the bed, Yuri gets on his knees and fills his mouth with Kip's cock. AS Yuri sucks Kip off, Kip rubs Yuri's ass and grabs his hair. Kip has a big schlong, and it looks really hot popping into Yuri's cheeks. Like a hungry puppy, Yuri licks and slurps and sucks until Kip decides he needs some cock in his mouth, too. Yuri has a very thick uncut dick, and Kip has a great time fitting the entire thing in his mouth. He licks around the foreskin and then goes deep - Yuri begins to face fuck him. All of the dick sucking has gotten both Kip and Yuri primed up for some penetration, so Kip bends over the bed and lets Yuri slam him with his fat pole. Yuri likes to go hard, and he has Kip biting the sheets within minutes of entering his tight hole. The harder Yuri pounds, the more Kip screams "Oh, yeah!" He loves the feeling of a raw uncut dick giving him a workover. After several minutes, Yuri flips Kip over onto his back, and as he grabs Kip's ankles, he continues his onslaught. Kip grabs his ass cheek and pulls it out so that Yuri can get in even deeper. Kip's cock is hard as Yuri pounds him, and before long he begins stroking it. When Kip asks Yuri to give him more, he does just that, and he speeds up the pace until he is ready to cum. He pulls out quickly, drops a big load all over Kips ass, and sticks it back inside for a few more pumps. Kip then stands up and drops a load on Yuri's tongue, who then sucks every drop clean off of his dick after. Hot Bareback Fuck!

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