Johnny Forza and Donny Forza Spit-Roast Kip Johnson Raw

Johnny Forza and Donny Forza Spit-Roast Kip Johnson Raw, Exclusive at

Johnny and Donny are sitting in their guest room waiting for some room service. Luckily for them, Kip Johnson walks in with some refreshments. The guys invite Kip to sit down, and encourage him to take a fun short break. As Kip undresses, he keeps the attention of the horny Donny and Johnny. Donny begins the action by rubbing up on Kip's chest, and soon they are making out. Not wanting to be left out, Johnny drops his drawers and Kip goes down. As Kip works Johnny's dick with his mouth, Donny jerks off and watches. Soon Kip turns to give Donny a nice blowjob as well. Kip wants dick up his ass, though, and Johnny is the first to give it to him. Kip sits on Johnny's cock bareback, and he begins to bounce up and down while he sucks on Donny. Kip seems to love being stuffed on both ends! He jerks off while he rides, enjoying every inch of both guys' cocks. Donny wants a turn, though, so Kip bends over doggie and offers up his ass. Donny plunges in raw while he goes ass-to-mouth on Johnny's pole. Donny is a little rougher than Johnny, but Kip doesn't seem to mind - being spit-roasted by these two hot studs is his dream come true! The action moves to the bed, and Johnny shoves it in, then begins slam fucking Kip while he is being gagged with Donny's cock. Donny gives Kip a reach-around before sliding over to fuck Kip some more. His long smooth raw pole slides into Kip's tight ass with ease. Kip is getting maximum pleasure from all this dick, and gets close as Johnny takes yet another turn. When Johnny gets close, he pulls his bare dick out and prepares to nut in Kip's mouth. Donny pounds him hard until both Kip cums and Donny cums all over Kip's used up hole. Then Johnny cums in Kip's mouth, and Kip eagerly laps up all the jizz. Now, that is some room service!

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