Johnny Forza Barebacks Dylan Drive

Johnny Forza Barebacks Dylan Drive, Exclusive at

As Johnny Forza takes in some tropical sun in the pool, Dylan Drive swims up alongside. Some horseplay ensues, and then Dylan is off to hit the shower, with a horny Johnny right on his heels. Dylan lathers up, and just as he rinses off, Johnny walks into the shower with a raging boner. Dylan instinctively grabs a hold of Johnny's big cock, while Johnny bends down to kiss him. The kissing is soon replaced by a great blowjob by Dylan, though. Dylan jerks himself off while paying attention to Johnny's cock in his mouth. Dylan loves a nice cock, but he is especially enamored with Johnny's. He especially likes it when Johnny slaps his tongue with the head of his dick. Johnny reciprocates, grabbing Dylan's pole and simultaneously sucking the head while moving his hand gently up and down the shaft. Johnny sits down in order to let Dylan ride him. As Dylan slides down onto Johnny's raw cock, he lets out a gasp of pleasure. He is quite happy to let Johnny know how well he can ride a dick! Johnny grabs on to Dylan's bubbly ass cheeks as he pumps deeper into his ass. Before long, Johnny flips Dylan over and fucks him from behind, making sure to get his rod balls deep into Dylan's tight hole. Leaning in for a kiss, Johnny begins pumping even faster. Dylan moans even more, and after several minutes more, Dylan is on his back. With his legs in the air, and Johnny holding on to his ankles, Dylan's own boner flops to the rhythm of Johnny's fucking. Dylan grabs his dick and jerks it as he gets fucked, getting himself close to orgasm. As johnny keeps pumping away, Dylan squirts out a big load, and he is quickly followed by Johnny, who pulls out his bare cock and cums all over Dylan's spent hole. Dylan exclaims, "That was great!"

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