Donny, Cage, & Broc Bare Three-way

Donny, Cage, & Broc Bare Three-way, Exclusive at

The guys are rough-housing in the pool on a nice tropical afternoon, but Donny suggests they take the action inside. Still in their swimsuits, the three jocks whip out their cocks and stroke until they are hard. Cage makes the first move, taking Broc's dick in his hand and making out. As the swimsuits finally come all the way off, Broc goes down on Donny. Broc takes a real shine to Donny's cock, licking and slurping it like a hungry sex-starved stud. All this attention gets Donny very randy, and the next thing Broc knows is that Donny has his face buried in his 19 year old ass. As Donny rims Broc's hole, Broc gives Cage a great blowjob. Broc wants more than a tongue, however - Donny is up on his knees in no time pounding Broc bareback. While Broc continues to suck Cage like a Hoover, Donny raw fucks him doggie style, enjoying every inch of it. Cage wants a turn, too, and he flips Broc over onto his back and dives in with his rock hard cock. Broc meanwhile goes ass-to-mouth on Donny's dick. Cage continues to pump, harder and harder, until he is about to cum. Donny encourages Cage to cum in Broc's mouth, so Broc leans forward to take a massive load in his mouth. Donny is close, too, and he nuts in Broc's mouth as well. Broc sticks his willing tongue out and take all of Donny's warm load. Then, with his two buddies' loads in his mouth, Broc gets himself off, squirting jizz like a geyser. Hot threesome!

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