Dallas Reeves and Dalton Pierce

Dallas Reeves and Dalton Pierce, Exclusive at DallasReeves.com

Dallas Reeves is relaxing in the hot tub when Dalton Pierce stops by for a dip, too. Dalton disrobes and hops in with Dallas. Before long these two studs are making out. Dallas grabs Dalton's perfect ass, encouraging Dalton to go down on him. Dalton doesn't need a lot of coaxing! Dalton drops down and stuff his face with cock, thoroughly enjoying Dallas's cock deep down his throat. Dalton lick hiss balls and wraps his lips again around Dallas's pole. Dallas loves the blowjob, but he can't get his mind off of Dalton's hole. Soon Dalton is bend over, offering up his beautiful ass. Dallas shoves his tongue deep inside Dalton's man-pussy, getting it ready. When Dalton is completely lubed up with spit, Dallas stands up and shoves his dick deep inside bareback. Dalton loves a good pounding; it shows on his face as he is getting fucked. Next, Dalton sits on Dallas's dick and rides it like the sex-crazed jock that he is. Screaming, "Oh, Fuck" as he impales himself on cock, Dallas grabs his hips and keeps up the pace. Dallas puts Dalton on his back as Dalton throws his legs in the air. Dallas slam fucks him until he can't wait any longer, then he pulls out and shoots a massive load into Dalton's mouth. Ending with a snowball, Dallas kisses Dalton, and the two wrap their cum-laden tongues together. Next, Dalton cums in Dallas's mouth, and they do it again. Sexy raw fuck!

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