Blake Barnes Drills Nikko Raw

Blake Barnes Drills Nikko Raw, Exclusive at

This Valentine's Day scene begins with Blake Barnes serenading Nikko with his guitar. Nikko is more than impressed, and he gives Blake a kiss. Of course, the one kiss leads to some heavy petting, which leads to clothes on the floor. The minute Nikko has his beau naked, he goes down voraciously on his cock. Blake leans back to enjoy the blowjob - Nikko has some amazing skills with his mouth! Nikko slurps and licks his way around Blake's cock, and all the while Blake is moaning heavily with sheer pleasure. After giving a nice long blowjob, Nikko wants nothing more than to be fucked raw, and Blake is extremely happy with that course of action. Nikko bends over against the bed as Blake shoves his thick bare dick into his tight hole. Grabbing onto Nikko's hips, Blake begins to fuck him harder. As he fucks, his nice low-hanging balls slap up against Nikko, and Nikko's cock begins to drip with pre-cum. Blake goes in balls deep as Nikko moans. Hopping up onto the bed, Nikko throws his legs into the air in order to give Blake easy access to pound him down harder. Blake holds himself up by the back of Nikko's knees and begins going to town! For one final position, Blake flips Nikko over, and Nikko lies on his stomach. Blake once again shoves his pecker into Nikko's bubble butt to continue the onslaught. Leaning over on the bed, Blake goes faster, and his strokes are more powerful now. Holding Nikko down with both hands on his back, Blake gets close to orgasm. Quickly pulling out, Blake nuts all over Nikko's ass, the creamy white load contrasting nicely with Nikko's skin. Nikko rolls over and busts, too - quite a load! Sexy Valentine's Day fuck!

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